Five Faux Pas In Email Marketing

Everyone loves a good email. But a bad one can really dent your reputation! Here are our top 5 faux pas of email marketing…make sure you don’t commit any!

Email Marketing

Broken Links

You’ve done a great job of convincing your customer that they really need your product/ service in their lives. The email has a great design, the copy text is persuasive and informative, and they are sold. They click that call to action button filled with anticipation for their purchase…only for the link to be broken, and not take them to your website. All those positive feelings from your customer are now out of the window – how frustrating to want a product and not be able to get it! Of course, they could go to your site by another link and find the product page themselves, but remember your customers are busy people. Maybe they don’t have time right now. Maybe they think they’ll look it up later. Maybe they’ll forget, and not buy that product at all… The whole point of an email is to direct customers to your site, so make sure they can get there!


Subject lines are important – you need to stand out in a crowded inbox. However, caps lock is not the way to achieve this, unless aggressive and pushy was the angle you were going for (unlikely). Stand out for the right reasons – because your message is relevant, interesting or exciting. Today’s customers receive so many emails that simply shouting at them is not enough to get their attention, so think carefully about your subject line to make sure it sparks their interest.

Hi {First Name}

Sticking with the subject line topic, a great way to make your email relevant is to include some personalisation. However, make sure you set some default text for if your database isn’t 100% complete. Otherwise, rather than a personalised email with the customer’s name, they’ll see the subject line as Hi {Fist Name}, Have You Seen Our New Autumn Collection? Not so personal after all! With a little care, it’s easy to create subject lines that work both ways. So, if you don’t have a customer’s first name details, they could be sent ‘Hi There, Have You Seen Our New Autumn Collection? for example. Who knows, by sending that email you may get a purchase from that customer who’s name you didn’t have – if they provide it this time round your database just improved. Now that’s a win-win situation!

5 A Day

Fruit is a good thing to have 5 a day of. Emails are not. At least not from the same company! While 5 emails a day would be excessive in the extreme, the message here is to not bombard your customers with emails. The best frequency will vary depending on the messages you send, and the people who receive them, so test it. Send 2 emails one week and 4 the next – does the engagement level change? However, we’re pretty sure that 5 a day is not the answer in this case…

Sloppy Spelling

To be fair, this rule applies to all marketing, not just emails. But it is one of our biggest pet peeves so we’re including it here too! Spelling mistakes, misplaced apostrophes and syntax errors simply make it look like you don’t care. That you didn’t take the time to simply read the copy through before hitting send. We marketers are busy people, and sometimes even when we do proof-read things we miss the errors in them. So, our advice is to get a colleague to proof-read on your behalf – it’s much easier to spot errors in something you didn’t write yourself! remember that emails are likely to be going to thousands of people, so even though they won’t include a huge amount of text, it’s vital that the text is spot on.

So, there you have our top 5 email faux pas. Do you have any more to add? Let us know in the comments!

Marketing News Round-Up


The latest instalment of our news round-ups – we’ve scoured the web for the important stories so you don’t have to…

Facebook Gets Local

In its latest release Facebook is now offering businesses the ability to target potential customers in their local area. This looks like a fantastic tool for small businesses to target their local area, but also for larger groups who are expanding into new geographical areas. As with all Facebook advertising, you specify your budget and the duration, and Facebook will estimate the reach your ad should achieve. The new part is that you select a geographical radius, as small as one mile, around your business – so your ad will only be seen by people in the local area. These ads will appear in Newsfeeds in Facebook’s mobile app – in fact tapping the ‘Get Directions’ button will provide customers with a route to your business, straight to their smartphones.

New News For Google

Google is keeping up with the times by adding new sources to its news section. Rather than solely traditional news outlets approved by the search engine, Google is now including blogs, social media and video as relevant news search results. As a Google spokesperson commented, “we are always working to give our users the best possible answer to their question” and this development certainly proves their recognition that we are consuming news in increasingly varied ways. Is a story less newsworthy or credible because you saw it on Twitter and not BBC News? Not anymore – at least by Google’s standards.

Not Another Social Network?

Well, yes, actually. Social start-up Ello is now in beta, and while you currently need to be invited to join, it may not be long until the site is open to all. But is it open to marketers? Ello continually reinforces the message that it is not a site for advertising – their tag-line is even “simple, beautiful & ad-free”. What’s more, they are extremely critical of social networks that do collect data about their users, calling them “unethical” and “intrusive”. So if advertisers are so unwelcome, is it really something marketers should worry about – it doesn’t sound like we’ll be welcome! However, if customers agree with Ello, and use it over ad-heavy sites such as Facebook, will social media marketers suddenly have a much smaller audience? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Marketing Lessons Learned From Game Of Thrones

Are you all as excited about the new season of Game of Thrones as we are here at Simply Marketing Jobs? Though there’s no such thing as social media in the Seven Kingdoms, we think there’s some pretty good advice to be taken for your marketing work…

Have An Awesome Logo Design

The Direwolf of Stark. The Lion of Lannister. The Flayed Man of Bolton. Logos to rally behind and strike fear into your enemies.
These house sigils, as your logo should, are instantly recognisable, even just by the colours – a red banner isn’t going to be for the Starks, anymore than you’d associate red with Facebook. The key to this, as the Lannisters do, is to use your logo’s colour-scheme in all your marketing and promotional material. That way, they won’t even need to see the logo to know who the material is from.

The Direwolf of Stark. The Lion of Lannister. The Flayed Man of Bolton. Logos to rally behind and strike fear into your enemies.

These house sigils, as your logo should be, are instantly recognisable, even just by the colours – a red banner isn’t going to be for the Starks, any more than you’d associate red with Facebook. The key to this, as the Lannisters do, is to use your logo’s colour-scheme in all your marketing and promotional material. That way, a customer won’t even need to see the logo to know who the material is from.

Game of Thrones

Image copyright HBO

Cultivate Some Brand Ambassadors

As the Lannisters have the Tyrells and other bannermen, to support them on and off the battlefield, you need some loyal customers to sing your praises too. Whether it’s people recommending you to their friends, sharing your social content or wearing a t-shirt with your logo on it, they are all helping you to promote your brand.

Beware of the slippery customers with Frey-like tendencies though – allegiances can and do change, so make sure you keep your brand ambassadors happy! We also don’t recommend marrying your daughter off in return for customer loyalty…

Keep Your Word

A recurring phrase in Game of Thrones, from many different characters is “words are wind”. Meaning of course, that they don’t believe a verbal promise, and are waiting for the actions to back it up. Now in Westeros there’s rarely a promise that gets kept, so you can see why they’re suspicious! But it’s vitally important that your customers are not suspicious of you. So for example, if you say your delivery time is 3 days, it needs to be 3 days. Prove your reliability from the start and your customers won’t question your claims in future.

Make Regular, Sociable Contact

Another common phrase is ‘dark wings, dark words’, uttered whenever a raven arrives with tidings, usually of death or disaster in the Seven Kingdoms! Your customers however, should look forward to your communications – or at the very least not dread them! Whether contacting by email, phone or direct mail, it’s so important to stay engaging, and not bombard your contacts – either with the volume of contact or with overly pushy sales content. Share offers, jokes, news and tips, so your contact list will enjoy receiving your material.

Are there any other marketing lessons to take from Westeros? Let us know in the comments!

Latest News From The Marketing World

MarketingHere’s a quick round up of some of the biggest stories in marketing recently…

Apple Smash Their Own Record

You can’t fail to have noticed that Apple launched their latest iPhone model, the iPhone 6 last week. The launch was further publicised by the inclusion of free music giveaway of U2’s album, a topic of discussion on our LinkedIn group. What makes the launch even more newsworthy is the sheer volume of sales Apple clocked up over the weekend of the launch. In just 3 days, over ten million phones have flown off the shelves – smashing Apple’s previous record of nine million, which the iPhone 5S/C set. This includes the pre-order numbers, of which there were also a record amount for the tech giant.

One of the ten million new owners in particular found himself the centre of a little extra attention though, and not in a good way! The hapless customer was proudly unboxing his new purchase to show a news reporter, only to drop it live on television. See it here.

Losing Customers To Amazon? It Could Be Down To Your Website

Research from Digital River, reported on by The Drum, has shown how quickly online shoppers will change their allegiance when it comes to parting with their cash. One of the biggest statistics was that 78% of consumers would turn to Amazon if they could not buy a product from the brand’s own website. Of course, Amazon have a slick e-commerce site, and the big budget to make it so, but that doesn’t mean you can’t compete. For starters, make sure that customers can buy your products online – offering in-store purchases only certainly isn’t the way to win direct sales. Digital River survey respondents cited sites being difficult to navigate and cluttered as major turn-offs, to take a lead from that and take the simple-but-effective approach to your web design.

Adverts Are Coming To Pinterest

Pinterest has been slowly sharing details of its advertising product recently, and it certainly sounds like an interesting development for the platform. It will enable advertisers to target specific contacts using their email addresses. So, you could upload a list of emails, and Pinterest will match those details with their Pinterest users, showing your ‘Promoted Pin’ only to those people. This is a great way to be extremely targeted and personalised with messages, something which is so important in the crowded marketplace of online advertising.

Pinterest has also recognised the importance of tracking results, so have come up with a system to measure purchases made as a result of a customer viewing or clicking a Promoted Pin. The changes are due to take place next month, so if you’re planning to use the system, we’d love to hear how successful you find it!

Hot Graduate Jobs Available Right Now

It’s that time of year again, where new and returning university students pack their bags and head back to the lecture theatres. But what if you’re not going back this year? If you’ve not got a job lined up yet then don’t panic – it is not too late to bag yourself a fantastic graduate position. To help out, we’ve picked out a few of our favourites currently on offer…

marketing graduates

Graduate Marketing Support

On offer from London Financial Studies is a great marketing opportunity for a recent graduate. Based in the company’s central London offices near Tower Bridge, you’ll be right in the thick of it in the capital. It’s also a great chance to get involved in a whole range of marketing activities. From market research and analysis to social media management, email campaign design to advertising, you’ll help with it all.

As a graduate it’s really important to get involved in as many different marketing activities as you can – it’s a way to find out what you’re best at! So, rather than only growing your practical experience in one area, this opportunity will give you a really broad foundation to build your career on. Plus, one of the cited perks is use of the company’s gym and sauna facilities, to help you wind down after work. Hurry though, applications close on 25th September! Apply now.

Digital Marketing Executive

Willing to bet that you’ve got what it takes for this job? Right Casino Media are looking for a recent marketing graduate to join their team, working with some of the top gaming companies in the UK.

This is another position that’s offering a real variety in the role, with responsibilities including SEO, PPC, HTML along with several other skills that aren’t acronyms… It’s also a chance to show off your creativity, with copywriting and social media being on your to-do list.

With a salary of up to £25,000 it’s a really competitive package from the Essex-based company, so what are you waiting for? Apply now.

Graduate Marketing Executive

Fancy spending your days helping other businesses with their marketing activities? Perfectly Picked is a B2B consultancy based in Henley-on-Thames that’s offering you the chance to do just that. Working for this small company, you’ll be able to get involved in all manner of marketing activities and get hands-on experience from the minute you step through the door. There’ll even be a bit of travel involved, so you can get out from behind your desk and go see people face-to-face, instead of the email-only contact that we’re all a bit to reliant on in these 21st century days.

If you’re overflowing with creative juices and enthusiastic about learning new skills then you’re exactly what the team at Perfectly Picked are looking for. So brush up on your marketing mix and click here to apply today.

Don’t forget, you can browse all our current graduate positions here. Good luck!

The Marketing Job Market

Just starting your job search and wondering what’s out there for you right now? We’ve delved into our site statistics to bring you the trends in the marketing industry job market as it stands…Top Marketing Job Locations

The 5 most popular locations with jobseekers are…
1. London
2. North West
3. West Midlands
4. Bristol
5. Leeds

It’s no surprise that London is popular, but it’s interesting to see Leeds and Bristol in the top 5 above other cities such as Manchester or Birmingham.

Jobs that received the biggest increase in activity compared to July…
Event Marketing
Marketing and Sales
Marketing Executive
Campaign Management
Account Management

The latter part of the year is often the time for industry exhibitions, events and awards ceremonies. As event organisers start gearing up their preparations, now is the time to make sure they have all the marketing power and knowledge they need to make their events a success.

Unsurprisingly, the amount of jobseekers searching our site on their smartphone is up by almost 25% compared to last year! As busy jobseekers look for opportunities whenever they have chance, job hunting on the go is getting ever more popular.

Don’t forget to browse today to find your next career move…

Top Twitter Fails of The Last Year

Twitter is great for a couple of things, interacting with friends and your idols, getting the latest news and views and our personal favourite, hilarious fails.

Yes that’s right, we love nothing more than a good old Twitter fail, especially those committed by the biggest businesses in the world.

Here’s our favourites from the last year.

HMV hack

When retail giants HMV went into administration, it was reported that the company sacked 60 members of staff in one day. Which, obviously, didn’t go down well.

Furious at this, a group of interns at the company decided to make the news public, by the medium of Twitter. Hacking the account, the interns went to town with their tirade of abuse aimed at the HMV management, and my word did it work!

British Gas

On paper, Twitter Q and A’s are great. Speak to a high profile member of a brand, ask some interesting questions and generally enjoy the experience. But they don’t play out like that do they?

So when British Gas decided they’d try their hands at a Q and A to discuss with their many thousands of customers, they forgot the small detail of a 10.4 percent energy price increase they had imposed 9 days previously.

Obama and his selfie

Barack Obama is many things, President of the USA, excellent family man and one of hell of a cool fella.

One thing he isn’t is however is good at selfies, or at least their timing.

With the company of David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Obama decided to take a selfie with his political friends. Cool right? The only issue? It was at the funeral of Nelson Mandela.

As imagined, Twitter went crazy.

Tesco horse around

When a customer buys beef burgers, even if they are value range, they expect one thing. Beef. It’s there right in the title. Unfortunately, some of the UK’s biggest retailers couldn’t stick to this and started to add other ingredients to their meat products.

Like horse.

When the horse meat scandal broke, consumers faith in their most trusted brands started to be questioned with Tesco being one of the main offenders. Their goodnight tweet would normally be fine, however, because of the scandal, the use of ‘hit the hay’ was hilariously ill timed.

So that’s just a few incredible Twitter fails, but what have we missed any out? Comment below

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5 Interview Questions You Should Never Ask

What is more nerve wracking than an important job interview?

Meeting the in-laws? Maybe

Best man speech? Sure

Sky diving? What? Throwing yourself out of a plane? Definitely!

Ok, all very scary. However, when it comes to an interview you REALLY want to get, calling it a ‘nervous experience’ doesn’t really cut it.

Your hair may be pristine, your brand-new suit fitting perfectly and the handshake you just gave to the company director may be your best one yet. But if you say the wrong thing or ask a question they don’t appreciate, you can pretty much kiss your chances of success goodbye.

Want to get employed? Enjoy earning money to buy things? Don’t ask these 5 questions.


Question 1

“What time do we finish”?

Never, EVER ask this question. Zero brownie points will be scored and you can say goodbye to ever working for this company.

Employers want committed, hardworking people who they can trust to get the job done, regardless of how long it takes.

Just because it says 9-5, working those hours won’t always be what is required of you. If the employer even thinks for a second that you’re the kind of person who will be reluctant to stay longer at work, they will not employ you. It is that simple.


Question 2

“When can I expect to be promoted”?

Having drive and being committed to your career are both great attributes to have, however asking this in the interview comes across as obnoxious and that you aren’t interested/focused on the job you have actually applied for.

There may well be opportunities for progression within the company and when the time comes you will be well within your right to ask about it. Just not in the interview.


Question 3

“How much do I get paid”?

We all want to earn a good living, and at the end of the day, we all need money to live. But if an employer thinks you are financially driven and more interested in your wallet than the job, don’t expect to be successful.

It’s ok to be financially driven (secretly), but in many jobs you have to start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

Don’t fret! As your career progresses, your chances of earning the big bucks will become more likely.

Question 4

“So, what does the company do?”

No, no, no, no, no.

You may think you are engaging the interviewer in conversation, but this isn’t about them selling the company to you, it’s about you selling yourself to the company.

It also screams “I haven’t done my research”. Before any job interview, regardless if you’re applying at a big city law firm or a high street fast food shop, KNOW the company, it’s very likely you will be asked about it.


Question 5

“How much sick/holiday pay do I get”?

You will receive all this information and more when you actually GET the job, so why do you need to know in the interview?

It doesn’t look great when you are already discussing having time off before the job is even yours. Do you know what they call people who ask questions like this?


We hope our five top tips help you nail your next interview. In next week’s edition, we will be advising you on the 5 questions you NEED to ask in an interview.

Good luck!

The 7 CV Errors You Cannot Afford to Make

You’ve found a job sent from the employment gods. You’re perfect, the company is perfect and the interview would be only a formality.

Before you apply and change your life forever, there is one vital thing to remember.

The CV.

Have you fallen foul of the classic CV mistakes hundreds and thousands of job seekers make when applying for jobs? Well with our guidance, you’re guaranteed to avoid the dreaded ‘no pile’ and get that interview.


As obvious as it sounds, you wouldn’t believe the amount of CV’s that have grammatical errors and typos in them when sent to prospective employers. If you’re CV has spelling errors, it WILL be binned, no question.

In the eyes of the employer, if your attention to detail is poor enough to allow typos, what does that say about you as a person and a worker?

Read, re-read and re-read again before applying for any job. Or even better, get a second pair of eyes to take a look.

Personalise your CV

Not every employer is the same, which is why it is essential to make slight amendments that suit each job you apply for.

One employer looking for someone with great IT skills? Shout loud and proud about the IT qualifications you have and how knowledgeable you are.

Another looking for someone with creative writing experience? Let them know about your time spent as a content writing intern and the blog you own and write for.

Your skills in the CV are what will get you the interview, so promote, promote, promote and make them aware of why you are the best candidate.

Provide a cover letter

A covering letter is an essential part of the modern CV. It’s a way of taking that initial personal interaction between you and the employer to the next level.

The covering letter shows that you have really looked at the job spec, that you care about the vacancy, that you want to be seen and heard, that you WANT TO BE EMPLOYED!

Think you are perfect for the job but worried that you may not have the desired qualifications? The covering letter gives you the perfect opportunity to let the employer know about the skills you DO have and why you deserve the chance to shine.

No CV should be without one!

Avoid the classics

“I am a great communicator”.

“I work brilliantly in a team and independently”.

“I am a hard working individual”.

You may well be all of these and more, but without proof, how can you be expected to be chosen ahead of all the other candidates?

These cliches are overheard and overused. If you work brilliantly in a team, explain why and how. Providing examples of your many talents is the only way to be taken seriously.

Professional looking email

The CV may be perfect and have the potential to wow any employer from Steve Jobs to Steve’s Oddjobs.

However, if the CV is being received from or, your professionalism will soon be questioned.

It takes ten minutes to create a reputable looking email address ( would be fine), and immediately makes you look more professional.

Straight to the point

Employers are busy people. They appreciate a clear, concise CV that immediately says who you are, what you can do and why you should employed to do it.

What they don’t appreciate is a long winded CV that waffles on for 3-4 pages. These are the kinds of CV’s that unfortunately usually make their way into the recycling bin.

Keep it to the point, say what you need, not necessarily what you want and keep it to about 1 page.

You may be up against fifty other candidates, so the old saying ‘less is more’ has never been truer.

Keep it clean

Unless it has been specified or you are applying for a design job, your CV should be of one font, black writing on a white background and clearly broken down into each category.

Resist the temptation to use fancy writing, colours and clip art!

So that is our 6-step guide to the perfect CV. Follow our tried and tested steps and the only thing you will have to worry about is getting to your interview on time!

News Hub: SMJ

Top Manchester agency open London office, Join the Dots bring in new recruits and possible job losses at Red Bee make up the news in this weeks News Hub.

New Cube3 office in the capital

Following a hugely successful first quarter which saw a 31% increase in turnover, Cube 3 have opened a new office in London.

The Princess Street, Manchester-based agency have, according to CEO Karl Baker, taken the “logical step” by branching out their work to new premises in the capital’s Victoria district. Speaking on the move, Barker said “Personally this is a very exciting time, my career started in London and so I have a real affinity with the innovation and drive in the city.

“We feel that we are currently in a great position to sit alongside some of the larger London agencies and, as we continue to grow our creative and digital teams, I am confident that Cube3’s northern soul will find a welcome home in the capital.”

Two new faces at Join the Dots

Join the Dots have announced the arrival of two new employees to their ever growing agency.

Jane Dugdale, former European insights manager for Kimberly-Clark has joined as research director. The market research company have also welcomed associate director David Waring to their team, who had spent time at Optimisa Research before taking the role.

The future looks bright for Join the Dots, who recently announced a 23% increase in revenue to £4.5 million.

Jobs may be at stake at Red Bee

Following on from the news that the BBC will end its deal with media management giants as of the end of next year, the 70-plus employees working on the account may find themselves without a job.

The BBC have decided to bring some tasks in-house once the deal expires in December 2015, whilst offering the rest to other agencies in the market. The Beeb’s director of audience and marketing Philip Almond said “We want to give all directors and production companies the opportunity to work with us, and to establish a new partnership with the commercial production industry.”

The news will be a bitter blow to the London head-quartered company, who in May announced they had been taken-over by communication powerhouse Ericsson.

If you’re looking for the perfect marketing job, Simply Marketing Jobs is the only place to find it!