Cricket Jargon Buster for this Summers Ashes

Ashes fever has struck the nation once again. But if you’re stuck in an office like us at Simply Marketing Jobs, you’d much rather be down the pub cheering on the boys. Don’t know your tail ender from your sticky wicket?

Then we can help with our office translator for everyone who finds it hard to understand all that cricketing jargon.

The Ashes – Smoking Shelter

Friends Chandler Bing Smoking GIF

Deep Cover – Paternity Leave

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pregnant GIF

Deep Extra Cover – Maternity Leave

Friends Joey Rachel Uterus Opinion GIF

Umpire – HR Manager

Cricket Meme Umpires Michael Clarke

Hit for Six – Seeing Sally the receptionist in THAT dress.

Man Men Secretary

Boundary – The bosses daughter is always off limits!

supernatural crying GIF

Long Stop – Train to Work Delayed

Train crush GIF

Long On – Toilet Occupied

Toilet Engaged

Long Off – Bank Holiday Weekend

Bradley Cooper Weekend GIF


Third Man – Office Love Triangle

Lord of the Rings Fellowship GIF

Slips – Payroll

Kanye West Gold Digger payroll Meme

Fly Slip – Payday Weekend

Kim Kardashian Money GIF

Silly Point – Does anyone want a brew?

wanna brew peter kay Meme

Deep Backward Point – Does anyone know how to use the fax machine?

One does not simply use the fax machine meme

Mid Off – Haircut

Haircut toilet store meme

Mid On – Gary’s dodgy wig in accounts

Dwight the office wig gif

Short Leg – Summer shorts on a friday

shorts summer office meme

Reverse Swing – When you bring in a big contract at the end of the month

james anderson king reverse swing

Beamer – What the Boss drives

boss bmw

All rounder – Tim who has worked in marketing since the 90s

freddie flintoff all rounder

Baggy Green – Geoff from payroll and his dodgy suit

geoffrey boycott

Night Watchman – Working late to meet the deadline

jim carey frantic typing gif

Corridor of uncertainty – The walk to your appraisal

face you make appraisal meme

Doosra – Dodgy saturday night curry from Balti Towers.

phil jones face you make meme curry

Full Toss – Sales staff

sales hello is it me you're looking for

Hawk-Eye – Susie the overly keen supervisor


Howzat – When you finally get that bonus!

the look you have bonus meme

Orthodox spin – Turning upto a meeting without your notes

shane warne kingofspin

Maiden Over – Taking Sue from marketing out on a first date.

napoleon dynamite pretty serious meme

All Out – Free bar at the christmas party.

office xmas michael scott

Spinner – Caroline the office gym freak.

spin class somee cards

Bowling – Dodgy work night out.

bowling what the hell is this meme

Bails – Leaving early on a friday.

psy leaving work on a friday

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