Giorgio Armani Fragrances launches ingenious new UNICEF Tap Project app


Perfume powerhouse Giorgio Armani Fragrances have launched their amazing new UNICEF Tap Project app and we love it.

Forcing phone users to go without their phones is the simple but brilliant concept behind this campaign, which sees Armani pledge to provide a child in need with one day of clean drinking water for every ten minutes logged into the app.

The snag? Once logged into the app users can’t touch their phone at all.

Logging into the site from your mobile device takes you to the app which works on all operating systems and platforms.

During the entire time users aren’t touching their phone, the app radiates positivity in the form of encouraging messages, facts about UNICEF’s work with Tap Project and stats on how many pics, sites and emails have been browsed in the time that the phone has been left alone.

Our favourite part of the app is the built-in encouragement feature which said “Keep going!” whenever we received a notification to deter us from checking our messages. We needed that!

If you’d like to join in on some easy do-goodery today, click here to find out more.

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