Key skills for public relations jobs

PR careers can be very fast-paced, challenging and rewarding. Public relations jobs are concerned with overseeing how a company or a product is viewed by the general public and other businesses. These PR jobs however can’t be done by everyone and there are a number of key skills and qualities required to really excel in such roles. Do you have the skills to make it in the vibrant world of PR?

Skills for PR Careers

• PR careers require individuals that are highly motivated and target driven while at the same time able to work under pressure and to deadlines. After all, the very nature of public relations jobs means that deadlines are often only around the corner. That said however flexibility is also required as things can change very quickly.

• To be successful in pubic relations jobs, you need to be a very confident and friendly person as you will be dealing with a huge range of different people on a daily basis therefore good communicative and interpersonal skills are essential. The key to PR jobs is to be able to form and maintain relationships with people.

PR jobs make extensive use of conventional and new media to get their clients’ message out, it is therefore essential that you have a good knowledge of these industries so you can spot and pursue openings as they arise. The world of public relations jobs is constantly changing and the ability to think on your feet to react to unforeseen (good or bad) changes in circumstance is essential. Our Public Relations: Jobs Description article explains PR careers in more detail.

• To carve out a successful PR career you need to be IT capable and also work in a organised and methodical way to keep on top of the large amounts of work that may come your way. Writing press releases and other documents for the media is also part of the public relations job, so good written and spoken English skills are essential.

• Most people with PR jobs will have been through university and gained a relevant degree in media, marketing or similar. A degree may not be a necessity however and it is possible to start PR careers with A-levels or similar Further Education qualifications.

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