Cricket Jargon Buster for this Summers Ashes

Ashes fever has struck the nation once again. But if you’re stuck in an office like us at Simply Marketing Jobs, you’d much rather be down the pub cheering on the boys. Don’t know your tail ender from your sticky wicket? Read more

Giorgio Armani Fragrances launches ingenious new UNICEF Tap Project app

Perfume powerhouse Giorgio Armani Fragrances have launched their amazing new UNICEF Tap Project app and we love it. Forcing phone users to go without their phones is the simple but brilliant concept behind this campaign, which sees Armani pledge to provide a child in need with one day of clean drinking water for every ten Read more

Job hunters – upload your CV and win £200!

Yes, you read that correctly – update or upload your CV on Simply Marketing Jobs and you could win £200 in high street vouchers! We’re always asked what our number one tip for job hunters is. When we reveal it, you won’t believe us. It’s so simple you’ll think we’re having you on. Do you Read more

Simply Marketing Jobs reports 35% hike in job adverts in 2013

Simply Marketing Jobs is celebrating a major uplift in the number of job vacancies posted on the website during 2013, reporting a 35% rise compared with 2012. The data suggests 2013 was a year for recruitment drives, with marketing departments seeking new talent to support business growth plans.
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Why marketers should always take the stairs

We take a look at some of the more interesting and slightly shocking facts about what using the stairs instead of the lift can do for you and the environment.

Did you know, for example, that climbing 3 flights of stairs, 3 times a day can burn an average of 11,700 calories every year which equates to eating 24 Big Macs! Read more

Is your Facebook profile pic destroying your career?

Employers are increasingly using social media to vet job applicants. We look at the worst cases of Facebook profile pic self-destruction. Read more

Content marketing manager: Job description

The role of content manager, or digital content strategist, has become vital in the world of marketing in recent years. Read more

CRM manager: Job description

This role is increasingly valued in large companies as customer knowledge becomes ever more important in marketing strategy. The CRM Manager will plan, execute and follow up on customer retention campaigns through a variety of media – most likely to be SMS, direct mail, email and social marketing. Read more

CRM administrator: Job description

Companies gather vast amounts of data about their customers today, and they are hiring bright, technically minded CRM specialists to help them understand what the date means, and how they can use it in their marketing activities. Read more

Creative artworker: Job description

As a naturally artistic person, the creative artworker is a valuable member of any studio design team, thanks to their unbridled passion for creative imagery and endless supply of ideas. Creative artworkers know that in brainstorming, there is no such thing as a bad idea. Read more