Content marketing manager: Job description

The role of content manager, or digital content strategist, has become vital in the world of marketing in recent years. Read more

CRM manager: Job description

This role is increasingly valued in large companies as customer knowledge becomes ever more important in marketing strategy. The CRM Manager will plan, execute and follow up on customer retention campaigns through a variety of media – most likely to be SMS, direct mail, email and social marketing. Read more

CRM administrator: Job description

Companies gather vast amounts of data about their customers today, and they are hiring bright, technically minded CRM specialists to help them understand what the date means, and how they can use it in their marketing activities. Read more

Creative artworker: Job description

As a naturally artistic person, the creative artworker is a valuable member of any studio design team, thanks to their unbridled passion for creative imagery and endless supply of ideas. Creative artworkers know that in brainstorming, there is no such thing as a bad idea. Read more

Event jobs: How to become an event organiser

Relevant skills, experience and proof that you are suited to the role could secure you an event organising job. Event organisers must display certain skills and personality traits too. Read more

Brand manager – Job description

Brand management is ‘the application of marketing techniques to a specific product, product line, or brand’ according to the official definition. So it follows that the job of brand manager is about taking on the marketing responsibility for a specific brand or group of brand Read more

Marketing communications jobs: Job description

Marketing communications jobs include public relations work as well as in-house corporate communications and general marketing. Marketing communications professionals and PR practicioners work across a wide range of industries. When mapping out your career plan in this area, you should be aware of the distinction between working in-house for a company or as part of a PR or marketing communications consultancy. Read more

Marketing manager jobs: Job description

Are you interested in being a marketing manager but not sure what is involved? To start with it’s important to be aware how marketing plays such a vital role in almost every industry sector. In its simplest form, marketing ensures that customers’ needs are met while the company continues to grow profitably Read more

Market research jobs: Job description

Those with market research jobs are primarily concerned with using various market research methods to gain commercial insight for the benefit of sales and marketing departments. Read more

Key skills for public relations jobs

PR careers can be very fast-paced, challenging and rewarding. Public relations jobs are concerned with overseeing how a company or a product is viewed by the general public and other businesses. These PR jobs however can’t be done by everyone and there are a number of key skills and qualities required to really excel in such roles. Do you have the skills to make it in the vibrant world of PR? Read more