Public relations jobs: Job description

Public relations – or PR – jobs are concerned primarily with building an awareness and interest in a particular company, brand, person or product. There are many different jobs within PR careers but they all contribute to that general theme. Although public relations jobs are closely related to advertising, there is a difference in that those with public relations jobs focus on gaining free media exposure rather than directly paying for it. Read more

How to get public relations jobs

PR careers have become extraordinarily popular in the last decade or so, meaning the business has become highly competitive. Of course public relations jobs can entail a number of different responsibilities, but the aim is always the same: to manage and maintain the reputation of an organisation or brand. There are several routes into PR jobs, and this guide outlines some of the ways you can get yourself into the industry. Read more

Online Marketing Jobs – What to Expect

Online marketing jobs cover several aspects of marketing carried out over the internet, including Search Engine Marketing (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Email Marketing, Online PR, Affiliate Marketing and more. These aspects of online marketing are often grouped together for roles like “Online Marketing Executive” or “Digital Marketing Executive”, although each aspect of online marketing Read more

Marketing Job Description – Marketing Executive

Marketing executive jobs are involved in promoting products, services or ideas through marketing campaigns. These types of jobs in marketing can be varied, but are also extremely challenging due to the range of working activities that are required. This marketing job description outlines what an executive marketing job entails. A large number of organisations, both Read more

Market Research Jobs Information

Market research jobs are in place to collect and analyse certain data and information for the benefit of businesses, charities and government organisations. Market research vacancies are most frequently found through specialist agencies that are set up to provide services to client organisations. However, marketing research jobs can also be found in house. The analysis Read more

Design Jobs: Web Designer

Nowadays the job of a web designer and a web developer are often merged and it is not uncommon to find that one person undertakes several roles within design jobs but technically speaking, a web designer is responsible for the appearance, layout and everything visual on a website whereas the web developer does the coding Read more

About Market Research Jobs

Market research jobs entail the collection and analysis of information for organisations including businesses, charities and the government. Most of the time market research vacancies are found from specialist agencies that supply the service to their clients. However, it is also possible to find marketing research jobs within a company itself. By analysing the collected Read more

PR Jobs Description

Marketing PR jobs are concerned with increasing the mutual understanding between an organisation and the general public. PR careers are highly varied and sought after and marketing PR jobs can lead to a fantastic PR careers. To find out more about PR jobs and PR careers, read on. Your Guide To PR Careers Those with Read more

Public Relations Jobs Guide

Public relations jobs manage the reputations of brands in a number of forms. The aim of this type of work is to influence the opinions and behaviour of the public in favour of their client. PR careers can entail numerous media and communication forms to manage and maintain positive reputations of an organisation, such as Read more

Event Marketing Jobs: Job Description

Event marketing jobs can be very fun and rewarding; especially when it comes to the time of the event and all your hard work has paid off. Those with event marketing jobs can end up meeting all sorts of different people and carrying out hugely different tasks. To find out about jobs in event marketing, Read more