How do I return to marketing after a career break?

There are numerous reasons why marketing professionals might take a break from the profession, and return later in their life. There may be family commitments, a desire to work abroad for a while, or to try something different such as teaching or setting up an e-commerce business. Read more

Is early retirement being replaced by part-time work?

The idea of early retirement will appeal to many marketing professionals heading into their mid or late 50s. But how easy is it these days? You need to be financially secure and confident that departing the marketing job market for ever won’t leave you regretting the move two or three years down the line. Read more

Will hobbies on your marketing CV help or hinder?

Opinions are divided on whether there is any purpose to the ‘interests’ section of a CV. The traditional view is that your hobbies and pastimes show something of you as a person and demonstrate how rounded you are which could help in your marketing job application. Read more

I can’t get a marketing job interview even though I’ve tailored my CV

We all know how important it is for job applicants to tailor their CV or online application to the specific job, rather than send generic details about themselves. But increasingly – as more and more people apply for each advertised marketing vacancy – those who apply for jobs they are fully qualified for, are finding that even this isn’t working in their favour. Read more

Group interviews for marketing jobs: What to expect

Group interviews are used by large employers who are aiming to fill multiple vacancies. They are frequently used by advertising agencies and marketing and communication firms when selecting a graduate trainees or junior marketers, for example. Read more

How to get yourself promoted in marketing

Ambitious marketers will have their eye on promotion opportunities from day one in a new job. Others – perhaps the more realistic in the marketing world – will realise that much must be proved to bosses before the marketing career ladder can be climbed. Read more

Marketers need an enhanced 4Ps model in the digital age

The marketing mix is changing rapidly in the digital age because consumers are increasingly expecting brands to offer a societal value, and deliver deeper meaning to their everyday lives. Read more

Which marketing qualification looks best on a CV?

We hear time and again that marketing recruiters are looking for the right skills, experience and aptitude when hiring for marketing assistant, brand manager and digital marketing roles. But many HR departments want to see a solid marketing qualification too. Are some marketing qualifications more prestigious than others? And if so, which are the best Read more

Time to negotiate a salary increase?

If you want to see your marketing salary improve this year, do you know how to go about that crucial negotiation? Read more

Your LinkedIn profile must be updated after 2012 changes

LinkedIn have made it far easier to upload external content and I’ve been making the most of it, adding Slideshare presentations and YouTube videos to my profile. Read more