The mobile coupon market

In five years’ time, analysts predict that the global value of the mobile coupon market will top £27 billion in annual earnings. Given that the market will make an estimated £3.4 billion in 2011, it is clear that some are expecting explosive growth in this sector. The major benefits of mobile coupons identified in a Read more

Keeping ahead of the competition in 2012: Winning marketing

According to U-Talk Marketing, rivalry makes for amazing marketing. Many of the world’s best campaigns come out of bitter rivalry between two companies as they spur each other on to greater creative heights. Here are just a few examples… For more information please visit the U-Talk Marketing website. Photo by Hisa Fujimoto Read more

Are you building relationships with your influencers?

According to Mp Daily Fix, influencer marketing is all about marketing to those people or groups whom your prospects look to for information. It is not a new strategy. In fact, many B2B companies have been targeted influencers for some time. For more information visit the Mp Daily Fix website. Read more

Laughter: is it your best medicine?

According to Career Hub Blog, laughter can be one of the best medicines around! My client and I were chatting about the value of laughter and the ability to laugh at yourself in a way that allows you to not take yourself too seriously. In a way that allows you to lighten up a little Read more

The 21st Century marketing professional

For modern marketing professionals, the industry is changing beyond recognition. The fundamentals of yesterday’s skillsets still apply, but new applications, channels and digital developments mean that a raft of new marketing jobs and specialisms are emerging all the time –  in fact, the top ten ‘in demand’ jobs of today didn’t even exist five years Read more

Improper Marketing – Irish drug maker pays out $203.5 million after complaints

The Irish pharmaceutical company Elan agreed to pay $203.5 million in order to resolve criminal and civil complaints which claim that it improperly marketed the antiseizure drug Zonegran for weight loss and mood stabilization. Elan had reported in July that it was setting aside $206.3 million to resolve the investigation into improper medical marketing. The Read more

Coke promises climate-friendly refrigeration by 2015

The Coca-Cola Company has announced a new initiative to ensure all its vending machines and coolers will be more eco-friendly by 2015, ahead of the Copenhagen climate change conference in Copenhagen next week. The company says it is working with environmental lobby group Greenpeace to ensure that 100% of their new vending machines and coolers Read more

Promotional email for Martini banned by ASA

An email promoting a Martini event has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority after a recipient objected it implied alcohol could enhance attractiveness. The email, headed: “Stay beautiful with Martini”, advertised an event at a Pitcher and Piano bar. Pitcher & Piano jointly responded to the complaint with Bacardi-Martini, explaining that the email promoted Read more

Directgov tries new tune with consumers in marketing blitz

Directgov is launching a major integrated campaign in the new year in an attempt to revitalise its mission to establish itself as the central consumer brand for government services. The move is part of the government’s streamlining of public service information online and its strategy to close more than 95% of approximately 4,000 citizen-facing websites Read more

Supermarkets top family brands

Marks and Spencer is the UK’s top family brand according to research carried out by YouGov for advertising agency Isobel. Supermarkets performed well in the poll with the Co-op, Morrisons, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s joining M&S in the top ten. Legacy brands such as Cadbury’s and Warburtons were also well perceived by consumers, but restaurants and Read more