5 Interview Questions You Should Never Ask

What is more nerve wracking than an important job interview?

Meeting the in-laws? Maybe

Best man speech? Sure

Sky diving? What? Throwing yourself out of a plane? Definitely!

Ok, all very scary. However, when it comes to an interview you REALLY want to get, calling it a ‘nervous experience’ doesn’t really cut it.

Your hair may be pristine, your brand-new suit fitting perfectly and the handshake you just gave to the company director may be your best one yet. But if you say the wrong thing or ask a question they don’t appreciate, you can pretty much kiss your chances of success goodbye.

Want to get employed? Enjoy earning money to buy things? Don’t ask these 5 questions.


Question 1

“What time do we finish”?

Never, EVER ask this question. Zero brownie points will be scored and you can say goodbye to ever working for this company.

Employers want committed, hardworking people who they can trust to get the job done, regardless of how long it takes.

Just because it says 9-5, working those hours won’t always be what is required of you. If the employer even thinks for a second that you’re the kind of person who will be reluctant to stay longer at work, they will not employ you. It is that simple.


Question 2

“When can I expect to be promoted”?

Having drive and being committed to your career are both great attributes to have, however asking this in the interview comes across as obnoxious and that you aren’t interested/focused on the job you have actually applied for.

There may well be opportunities for progression within the company and when the time comes you will be well within your right to ask about it. Just not in the interview.


Question 3

“How much do I get paid”?

We all want to earn a good living, and at the end of the day, we all need money to live. But if an employer thinks you are financially driven and more interested in your wallet than the job, don’t expect to be successful.

It’s ok to be financially driven (secretly), but in many jobs you have to start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

Don’t fret! As your career progresses, your chances of earning the big bucks will become more likely.

Question 4

“So, what does the company do?”

No, no, no, no, no.

You may think you are engaging the interviewer in conversation, but this isn’t about them selling the company to you, it’s about you selling yourself to the company.

It also screams “I haven’t done my research”. Before any job interview, regardless if you’re applying at a big city law firm or a high street fast food shop, KNOW the company, it’s very likely you will be asked about it.


Question 5

“How much sick/holiday pay do I get”?

You will receive all this information and more when you actually GET the job, so why do you need to know in the interview?

It doesn’t look great when you are already discussing having time off before the job is even yours. Do you know what they call people who ask questions like this?


We hope our five top tips help you nail your next interview. In next week’s edition, we will be advising you on the 5 questions you NEED to ask in an interview.

Good luck!

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