Looking To Boost Your Career in 2015? Squared Online Could Be For You!

Squared Online is a digital marketing course developed with Google. The award-winning marketing programme has been crowdsourced by leading employers to meet the need for high calibre digital talent and leadership.

“An online course but with more team spirit, leadership and interactivity than there can be in real life.” Read the full review by Squared graduate, Elena D’amecourt.

How will it boost your career?

Within 3 months of graduating 90% of Squares felt more confident discussing digital strategy, 72% had progressed their career, and 82% would recommend Squared Online to a friend.

How does the course work?

We learn through experience, through making mistakes, and trying out ideas – not by being told. With the Squared Online digital marketing course you’ll be working with others on real projects to give you experiences you’ll be able to draw on throughout your career.

Squared Online features five sequential modules taught online over 6 months. Each week you’ll have one evening live class and will need to dedicate 8 hours to the programme.

Are you eligible?

Squared Online is an advanced level certificate. To ensure you’re right for the course and the course is right for you, the friendly admissions team will talk through your experience, goals and interests to confirm your eligibility. Read more about pricing, funding and eligibility.

What’s the future of digital marketing?

What challenges should we expect to be facing in 2015? How do we overcome these challenges? To find out Squared Online surveyed visitors to their stand at the Digital Marketing Show to find out what they considered were going to be the key trends in 2015. You can see all the answers in the infographic.

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