4 Awesome Guerilla Marketing Campaigns For 2014

Thought marketing was all about TV and social media? Some of your favourite brands use Guerilla marketing to interact with customers in their everyday lives, stopping them in their tracks with a memorable piece of advertising. We’ve picked some examples that are quite frankly, awesome.


Vodafone vs Telstra

It may have landed them in hot water, but this piece of marketing from Vodafone will be remembered for a very long time.

Streakers in sport are just like bad weather, an annoying aspect we just have to put up with, but Vodafone however decided to use this to their advantage.

During the second-half a Bledisloe Cup Rugby Union match in Sydney between Australia and New Zealand, two male streakers entered the field wearing nothing but Vodafone’s logo painted on their bare backs. What made the stunt that bit more interesting was that the game was being played in the Telstra Stadium. Who are Telstra I hear you ask? Telstra are Australia’s leading telecommunications company, Vodafone’s arch-rivals Down Under.

To say it didn’t go to plan is an understatement as both streakers were arrested and the CEO of Vodafone Australia had to release a grovelling apology.

Coca Cola are stuck on you!

When the biggest name in soft drinks wanted to promote their new gripped bottle, they chose to really get a grip of their customers, by using Velcro!

Coca Cola created bus shelter adverts coated with the sticking device so that when a commuter or passerby came in contact with the ad, their clothing would become attached, ensuring they got a very close look at the new Coke bottle!

For the love of football

Just because a couple is in love doesn’t mean they agree on everything, and this is no truer than the dreaded “let’s choose furniture for our home!” trip to the local furnishings shop.

Dutch beer giant Heineken decided to make the situation a little more interesting by offering men two free tickets to the Uefa Champions League Final at Wembley, providing they could convince their other half to choose the uncomfortable and unsightly (there’s a reason they’re popular in stadiums and not houses) football terrace seats.

Obviously (and usually rightly so), most girlfriends said no, but one lady agreed and got a nice trip to London out of it. Or some pictures of her boyfriend and his best mate watching Bayern Munich beat Dortmund. We’ll never know.

In amongst the competition

If it wasn’t for creative guerilla campaigns, the days of successful billboard print would surely be over. However, thanks to its influence and attention-grabbing power, companies can use ingenious ways to get themselves noticed, competing with rival brands whilst they do.

The Smart car company took advantage of this excellently by literally ‘squeezing’ themselves in amongst the competition by positioning their ad in the small space between Mercedes and Jaguar billboards.

It’s not only an extremely clever bit of advertising, but it promotes Smart cars for exactly what they are.

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